Alkaline Water Scams

When researching about ionized water, you will find many websites that post pages about Alkaline Water Scams, but the truth is that alkaline water is good for you.

I’ll be honest, alkaline water is not a miracle wonder water that will cure cancer, stop global warming, and will bring world peace, but it does have many positive effects on your body, and is very beneficial for your health. It can restore the natural pH levels your body was designed for, it will help to fight oxidation and the aging process, and while it is not a cure for illnesses and diseases it can help to prevent them in the first place.

On this page we’ll cover many of the myths and false claims about alkaline water scams.

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Alkaline Water Snake Oil & The False Claims

  • Alkaline Water Can Cure Cancer…FALSE, but it can help prevent it!
  • Alkaline Water Can Cure Baldness…FALSE, nothing short of surgery will cure cancer.
  • Alkaline Water Can Cure Cardiovascular Disease…FALSE, but it can help prevent it!
  • Drinking Alkaline Water Is Harmful…FALSE, drinking alkaline water is completely safe.
  • Alkaline Water Is Just A Sales Pitch…FALSE, saying this is actually a sales pitch itself.
  • There Is No Proof…FALSE, there are many scientific studies that prove otherwise.

Alkaline Water Scams – Debunked In Detail

It Can Cure Cancer…FALSE

Alkaline water is not a cure for cancer…BUT it can help prevent cancer and disease from taking hold in the body. Cancers, diseases, bacteria and viruses all thrive in an acidic environment, and most of our bodies are acidic. Alkaline water can reduce the level of acidity, hence it reduces the chances of you contracting any illnesses cause by those harmful agents.

Alkaline Water Can Cure Baldness…FALSE

Alkaline water is not a cure for baldness, and it will not help you to grow any hair you have lost. However, Acidic water is good for your hair, it can protect your hair, and keep it healthy. Acidic water won’t cure baldness either, but it will help you to keep the hair that you have. The only real way to ‘cure’ baldness is to have hair follicles transplanted to your head.

Alkaline Water Can Cure Cardiovascular Disease…FALSE

This is also not true, alkaline water can help to keep your heart, bones, muscles and other tissues in your body healthy, but once they become affected, alkaline water can only slow the progression of the disease. The best thing is to prevent this from happening in the first place, and this is where alkaline water can help. Cardiovascular disease usually means the arteries that carry blood throughout the body have become clogged, or are smaller. This can be due to things like fatty substances, cellular waste products and cholesterol building up in the arteries. These are a result of an acidic, unhealthy diet. Eating more alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water will help you to expel the excess cellular acid waste, and will reduce your cholesterol levels. Less fast food, less meats and grains, and more fruits and veggies will lower your intake of fatty substances.

Drinking Alkaline Water Is Harmful…FALSE

Alkaline Water Scams Alkaline Water ScamsIf alkaline water was harmful, then the FDA would have banned water ionizers by now. Alkaline water is NOT harmful if you drink it, but acidic water is, so you should never drink acidic ionized water. Drinking alkaline water is completely safe, provided the pH level is between 7.5 and 10.0. There are no ill side effects of drinking alkaline water within that range. Also, too much of anything is not healthy, and this goes for alkaline water as well. You should definitely avoid chugging gallons of pH 12 water, this will definitely have some negative effects on your body. Overdoing it can lead to Metabolic Alkadosis, which is the opposite of too much acid, or Metabolic Acidosis (the door swings both ways), so stick to 8-12 glasses of pH 8.0 – 10.0 a day.

Acidic water can be harmful if you drink a lot of it, plus it should only be used outside the body, never ingested. This is clearly stated by all water ionization companies and many websites. Acidic water with a pH of 4.5 – 6.5 is safe to use on your skin, face and hair. Lower than pH 4.5, and it can be used as a disinfectant for general cleaning.

Alkaline Water Is Just A Sales Pitch…FALSE

This is a tactic used by other companies that are trying to sell you water filters, tablets, or medication. They will discount the benefits of alkaline water in order to make their own product look better. So saying that “Alkaline water is just a sales pitch” is actually a sales pitch itself.

There Is No Proof That Alkaline Water Works…FALSE

This again is a tactic used by the competitors. Many claim that the only proof is based on user testimonials. There are a lot of testimonials out there, but there is also a lot of scientific studies that prove alkaline water is beneficial. There have been numerous studies conducting in Japan, China, Korea, and now in the U.S. that all indicate there are benefits to ionized alkaline and acidic water. Alkaline water has been a part of Asian culture for centuries, in the past 40 years it has been researched further as to why it works, and has developed into a science with proven results. You can easily find reports done by the research teams published online stating that alkaline water significantly reduced the amount of illnesses contracted by people ingesting alkaline water as compared to those who did not. There is also proof that alkaline water with a negative ORP slows oxidation, or the aging cells. This is all based on science.

As for testimonials, did you know that water from the Hunzu Glacier in the Himalayas is naturally alkaline, and the natives that drink it typically live past 100 years old? Not only that, they don’t look a day over 50! It’s the same case in the Valley of Longevity, located in the mountains of Ecuador, the inhabitants there live to 110 years old on average, some live as long as 150! In Lourdes, France there is a spring that has been touted for its medical healing powers, but the truth is it is alkaline water!

Alkaline Water Is Better Than Tap Water…TRUE!!

Tap water quality varies significantly across North America, and the fact is that there are many contaminants in your tap water. These contaminants can include arsenic, nitrate, chlorine, perchlorate (used in fuel), pesiticides, and many more. Not only that, the water you get from your tap is neutral at best, but in most cases it is actually acidic, with a pH of 6.5 or less.

Alkaline Water Scams – The Truth

There are a lot of scams out there, but alkaline water scams are NOT actually scams. Alkaline water has been labeled as a scam in order to make other products look better. The truth is that alkaline water with a negative ORP can flush excess toxins from your body, reduce excess acidity and restore your natural pH level, prevent illnesses and diseases from taking hold of the body, and promote overall well being. Drinking alkaline water, and eating more alkaline foods can return your body to its natural pH level, you will feel more energized, and your cells will not age so quickly. It’s all about balance, balance of your acid/alkaline levels, and healthy living, alkaline water is part of healthy living.

With all of these health benefits, it’s hard to see why so many people just take the word of strangers instead of reading about it themselves. Instead of believing everything you hear or read, do some research yourself, learn about alkaline and acidic water, and come to your own conclusion if it is right to label alkaline water as Alkaline Water Scams.