Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water has numerous benefits for your body. It is a healthy substance that can help control your weight, prevent premature aging, flush toxins from you’re system, and generally improve your overall health.

What is it exactly?

It is ionized water that has a pH level higher than 7. It is water that can restore the acid/alkaline balance to its natural level. Alkaline Water is rich in electrons which can be donated to oxygen free radicals. Alkaline Water can help slow the process of aging. Alkaline Water has been restructured into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by your body. Alkaline Water can bring out full flavors when cooking, and draw out more flavors from your drinks. Alkaline Water can reduce the excess acidity in your body. Alkaline Water can help you lose weight. Alkaline Water is healthy!

Why Ionized Water Is Better Than Tap Water?

Alkaline Water1 300x225 Alkaline WaterBefore water reaches your tap, it has passed through a water treatment facility. The purpose is to remove any impurities from the water, and make it “safe” for you to drink. Technically, the water is still H20, but all the positive qualities that natural water has have been lost. The truth is that the various chemicals used to treat the water can actually make the water toxic. Tap water, even at its best, is neutral with a pH of 7. In most cases, tap water is actually acidic because its pH is usually lower than 7.

The bright side to this is that you can turn that unhealthy, lifeless tap water into healthy water by filtering out the toxins, and then ionizing it into alkaline water. Tap water typically has 13 to 15 molecules per cluster, but the cluster size is reduced to 6 molecules when the water is ionized into alkaline water. This means that alkaline water is “wetter”, and is more quickly absorbed by your body. Alkaline water hydrates you more efficiently than tap water or bottled water, plus it can improve the flavors of your food when cooking.

Benefits of alkalinity in your drinking water

Here are just some of the health benefits:
Alkaline Water 300x115 Alkaline Water

  • Slows The Aging Process
  •  Helps You Lose Weight
  •  Reduces Excess Acidity
  • Neutralizes Oxygen Free Radicals
  •  Restores The pH Balance Of Your Body
  • Stops Acids From Damaging Healthy Cells
  • Hydrates Better Than Tap Water And Bottled Water

The Dangers Of Excess Acidity

Your body creates acid, it is a by-product of natural metabolism. Acids are also ingested by eating and drinking. Air pollution and stress also contribute to acidity. Many of these acids are filtered by your kidneys and then excreted from your body in the form of urine, others exit through perspiration, but your body is only able to process a specific amount of acid…take in too much acid and your body will not be able to get rid of it all by itself.

The average American follows a very acidic diet, and this diet is one of the major causes of an acidic body.

  • Meats like pork, beef, turkey and chicken all release acids when they are digested.
  • Milk, butter and cheese are all acidic, bread, pasta and potatoes all contain acids.
  • Grains such as barley and rice are acidic.
  • Drinks like tea and coffee are acidic.
  • Carbonated beverages like Coke, 7UP, Pepsi, root beer are all very acidic.

So what happens when your body is too acidic? Your body is more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, disease and even some forms of cancer. Not only that, the excess acid begins to damage and destroy your healthy cells. In plain English, you can get sick much more easily. Here are some of the most common results of excess acidity:

Acid Reflux: Also know as Heartburn, this is a very painful condition which occurs when your stomach acidic backs up into your esophagus. The lining of your esophagus becomes inflamed, irritated and damaged.

High Cholesterol: When there is an excess amount of acid, the body produces a large amount of cholesterol to neutralize the excess acid before it can damage your healthy cells.

Heart Disease: This is linked to high cholesterol. When the excess cholesterol that the body has produces to neutralize the acids accumulates in your coronary arteries, it restricts the blood flow to your heart.

Metabolic Acidosis: This is when the kidneys become overworked and cannot remove all the acids from the body. The resulting symptoms can include chest pain, palpitations, headaches, muscle pain, muscle weakness, bone pain, and abdominal pain. If left untreated metabolic acidosis can affect the central nervous system, lead to seizures, coma, and even death.

Excess Fat: Fat is used by your body to neutralize the acidic waste. The body uses fat as a defense against excess acidity to protect your healthy cells. That extra fat is really saving your life.

Osteoporosis: This is a condition where the bones are weak, and fracture easily. When the body is acidic, it looks for minerals it can use to neutralize the acids. One of those minerals is calcium, which is found in the bones. When the body is acidic for a long period of time, the body withdraws calcium from the bones leaving them very weak and brittle.

Keeping your acid/alkaline levels balanced is vital to your health, and by drinking alkaline water you can reduce your body’s acidity and restore your pH balance. Alkaline water will help you to avoid all of these painful, and life-threatening conditions.

It Can Reduce The Signs Of Aging?

When it comes to your body, it is much better to receive electrons than to lose them. When the cells in our bodies lose electrons, they become oxidized which causes the cell to “rust”, and aging occurs. When you cut a fresh apple it browns, and when metal ages it rusts. These are all examples of that process, free radical oxidation.

The most important characteristic of alkaline water is its ORP, Oxidation Reduction Potential. Water that has a high negative ORP can neutralize oxygen free radicals in the body.

All chemical reactions that occur have to do with transferring electrons. Entities that are negatively charged are referred to as “Reducing Agents” – they are rich in electrons and donate them, which will reduce the charge of whatever entity they interact with. Entities that are deficient in electrons are referred to as “Oxidizing Agents”, and they pull electrons away. These are the ones that cause us to show signs of aging, cause health problems and diseases, and generally wreak havoc on the body. Oxygen free radicals are electron-poor entities.

The negative ions that are found in alkaline water are electrons that can be given to those free radicals running wild in the body. The electrons neutralize the oxygen free radicals, and stop them from damaging the body’s healthy tissues.

More simply said, oxygen free radicals are hungry for electrons, and will steal electrons from anywhere they can. They don’t care where they get them, they just need to get electrons. Another issue is that free radicals are being released all the time. By constantly feeding your body with negative ORP alkaline water, you are giving those free radicals exactly what they want…electrons. And once they have those electrons, they will stop causing trouble, and the aging process will slow down.

Water Can Help You Lose Weight

As we mentioned earlier, the body uses fat to trap acids and neutralize them. When you eat the typical North American diet of mainly meats &, grains, and drink things like pop and coffee, which most of us do, your body becomes acidic and it creates more fat cells to protect itself from damage. Yes, some acids are removed from the body through perspiration and urination, but excess acid still remain in your body. That excess acid starts to break down healthy cells, but a buffer of fat cells will keep those cells intact.

The fat cells will bind to the acid, and though some fat cells exit your system bonded to the acid, many fat cells get stored in your body, which results in weight gain. This is why many methods of weight loss simply don’t work. Here are some of the methods you may have tried, and the reasons why they didn’t work:

Eating Less Won’t Work – It will reduce your acid intake only by a minimal amount.
Consuming Fewer Calories Won’t Work – It will not reduce your body’s acidity, it can even increase if you drink acidic beverages.
Eating Less Fat Won’t Work – Less fatty foods in your diet will not affect the acidity, and will not help you lose weight.
Increasing Meat Intake Won’t Work – Meats are acidic, increasing the amount of meat you consume will actually increase your body’s acidity.
Exercising Won’t Work – Exercising will increase production of lactic acid. Some acids are expelled through perspiration, but much is kept in your body, which can cause muscle pain.

None of these methods address the real issue – acidity. Because our bodies are acidic, we will constantly produce fat cells to neutralize that excess acidity. The pH level of our bodies need to be balanced, that means restoring the acid/alkaline balance, and this cannot be done by eating less, reducing the calories, eating less fat, increasing our meat intake, or exercising.

Our bodies have an excess of acids, and the best way to restore the acid/alkaline balance is to drink alkaline water! Once you give your body alkaline water, you will balance out the acids. When your acid level drops back into a safe range then you will no longer have excess acids to neutralize, the body will stop producing fat to trap those acids, and you will begin to lose weight.

Drink alkaline water on a daily basis will let you achieve and maintain the proper pH balance that your body needs to function properly. Most people know that they should drink more water, but if you only drinking tap water or bottled water, then you are probably not giving your body enough. Alkaline water is the best drink that you can consume. It will help you avoid illness, lose that excess fat, and it will help you to look your youngest, so drink to your health and enjoy a glass of Healthy Water.