Health Benefits Of Ionized Water

If you are interested in living a healthier life, then you should look into the health benefits of ionized water. Ionized water in both forms, acidic and alkaline, can be used for many things.

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When it is in an alkaline state, ionized water can be used by the body as an antioxidant, it can slow bone loss, increase your energy levels, and can help to detoxify your body.

When in an acidic state, ionized water can promote the healing of wounds, can be used as a surface cleaner, and it can be good for your garden too!

Health Benefits  – Alkaline State

Here is a quick rundown of the health benefits of ionized water, in an alkaline state:

  • Antioxidant
  • Detoxifies & Supports Wellness
  • Slows Bone Loss
  • Increases Hydration & Energy
  • Food Preparation and Cooking
  • Brewing and Beverage Preparation
  • It Can Hydrate Your Pets Too

Health Benefits – Acidic State

Here is a brief summary of the health benefits of ionized water, in an acidic state:

  • Beauty And Cosmetic Use
  • Home Remedies
  • Improves Farming and Gardening
  • All-Purpose Cleaning Uses

There are health benefits of ionized water, both in an acidic state and an alkaline state.

Health Benefits Of Ionized Water – Alkaline State


In an alkaline state, ionized water can be used as an antioxidant. This is one of the more important health benefits of ionized water, because antioxidants will destroy all the free radicals in the bloodstream. Free radicals are molecules or atoms that are chemically reactive and are known to cause degenerative diseases and cancers, but alkaline water can help to neutralize their harmful effects.

Detoxifies and Supports Wellness

Your body relies on water to eliminate and flush out all the toxins, and one of the best health benefits of ionized water is that it will enhance the process further. Alkaline water will carry nutrients and oxygen to your body, and will also increase the absorption rate of the nutrients that are passed to your cells. Alkaline water is a true antioxidant, and it will fight the free radicals in your bloodstream to improve your overall health.

Slows Bone Loss

When in an acidic state, the body will use whatever is available to reduce the acid levels. This means that it pulls alkalinizing minerals from fatty deposits, muscle tissue, and bones. When the minerals are withdrawn from your bones, it leaves them much weaker, and if your body is in an acidic state for a long time, it means that your bones will be damaged considerably.

Alkaline water can help the body to balance the acid levels by providing it with the alkaline it needs to regain that balance. Restoring balance to your pH levels is one of the most important health benefits of ionized water. Instead of withdrawing the alkaline minerals from your muscles and your bones, it withdraws the alkaline from the water, leaving your bones healthy and intact. Restoring balance to your pH level is one of the most important health benefits of ionized water.

Increased Hydration and Energy

When you drink alkaline water, you will notice that you won’t feel bloated or sluggish afterwards like you do with regular water. This is because the water is quickly absorbed by the body. The reason for this is that alkaline water molecules are shaped different from regular water molecules, and they are smaller too which allows the alkaline water to be absorbed much faster. By drinking alkaline water you can stay hydrated and energized, just another one of the many health benefits of ionized water.

Food Preparation and Cooking

Alkaline water will enhance the natural, delicious flavors of your food, and you won’t need to use as much unhealthy salt as you used to. By soak your meats or fish in some alkaline water prior to cooking, it will tenderize and get rid of any odors or gamey tastes. Not only that, the small molecular structure of alkaline water means a shorter cooking time, about 25% shorter which will save you some money on your utility bill (which isn’t really one of the health benefits of ionized water, but a benefit for your bank account).

Brewing and Beverage Preparation

Brewing your coffee and tea with alkaline water will enhance the aroma, color, brightness, and flavor of your drinks. You can use half the usual amount of tea leaves or coffee beans for a rich and full tasting brew. Alkaline water will also draw out the flavors in soups and stews, making them tastier, and more savory. You can mix alkaline water with whiskey, wine, or even acidic juices which will give them a mild deliciousness and make them a bit more alkaline too.

It Can Hydrate Your Pets Too

Animals have a much faster metabolism than people do, and rapid hydration is important for them. When you give your pets alkaline water, you will be surprised that they will always choose it over regular water. It’s because tap water has unhealthy contaminants which your pets don’t like. This is one of the lesser know health benefits of ionized water, but you will also see that your cats and/or dogs will have shinier coats and increased energy.

Health Benefits Of Ionized Water – Acidic State

Beauty And Cosmetic Use

Health Benefits Of Ionized Water 222x300 Health Benefits Of Ionized WaterAcidic water has a tightening and constricting effect on the skin, which is another one of the health benefits of ionized water. This is why slightly acidic water is excellent for washing your face and bathing. Acidic water makes your skin smoother, improves your skin’s health and its compatibility with daily makeup. Acidic water is also an effective in treating and preventing pimples, skin spots, and other skin problems. When it is used before and after washing your hair, acidic water will protect your hair, prevent dandruff, itching and hair loss, plus you can use acidic water without the need for any shaving cream.

Home Remedies

One of the health benefits of ionized water is its healing powers. Acidic water can sterilize and disinfect wounds, it can alleviate the pain of burns, and can relieve inflammation of sunburn. After soaking a towel in acidic water, it can be applied to any ailment to promote the healing process, this includes cuts, abrasions, sprains, bruises, and many more. Gargling with slightly acidic water can prevent infections such as colds and tonsillitis, and it also gets rid of bad breath.

All-Purpose Cleaning Uses

Acidic water is just that, acidic, and it can be used as an effective cleaning and bleaching agent. The lower the pH, the more powerful a cleaner it is. In everyday household cleaning, it can be used to remove dirt and grime, you can clean glass, cutlery and mirrors, and acidic water is perfect for cleaning the bathtub. Cutting boards, cooking and eating utensils can all be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, and burns and stains can easily be removed from pots and pans. You can wash dishcloths in acidic water to stop any fungal or bacterial growth, and prevent any bad odors.

Improves Farming and Gardening

Plain tap water contains chemicals, but one of the health benefits of ionized water is that it can balance out the pH level of your soil. Cut plants and flowers will last longer and will also gain improved freshness. Slightly acidic water can even help ailing plants to recover. Acidic water has also been proven to improve the seeding and germination of plants, and it can be used in place of pesticides on farms. Acidic water is great for sprout and herb farming because you can use varying pH waters for each different plant.

Health Benefits Summary

Ionized water can help to improve your health and has many other benefits as well. The uses for ionized water go from inside the body to outside the body, around the house, and even for your pets too. Whether it is in an alkaline or an acidic state, there are numerous health benefits of ionized water.