How To Ionize Water

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Before you find out how to ionize water, you should first understand what ionized water is and its benefits. On this page we will provide you with information on what ionized water is, how to test your water, and finally, how to ionize water.

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Before water runs through the pipes and reaches your tap, it is first processed by a water treatment facility. When a water treatment facility processes the water so it becomes drinkable, they usually add chemicals and filters in order to take all the unhealthy molecules out of the water, but one of the side effects of water treatment is that some hydrogen molecules are negatively charged as a result of the process. The pH level of charged water is unbalanced, and all living organisms are very sensitive to pH levels, including human beings. By ionizing your water, the natural pH balance can be restored to the water you drink. Finding out how to ionize water will have many benefits for your general health.

How To Ionize Water

How To Ionize Water 300x208 How To Ionize WaterHere is a list of the most common ways to ionize your water:

  • Bio-Ceramic Filters
  • Magnetic Water Ionizer
  • Alkaline Drops & Tablets
  • Batch Unit Ionizer
  • Water Ionizer

What is Ionized Water?

Ionized water is water that does not have a neutral pH of 7. Instead it can have a pH level of 0-6, or 8-14. When ionized water has a pH of 0-6, it is in an acidic state. A pH of 5-6 is good for external use only, and 0-4 is ideal for cleaning. If you are more concerned with drinking ionized water for your health, then you want alkaline water with a pH between 8 and 10. Water that has a pH that is higher than 10 can have harmful effects on the body, so keep it between a pH of 8 and 10.

An ion is basically an atom that carries a negative or a positive electric charge, and ionized water means that the water has positively or negatively charged hydrogen ions. An acid can add hydrogen ions to any solution, while an alkaline substance can take out hydrogen ions from any solution. Because our bodies are more acidic, we need to remove the excess acid by drinking alkaline water to neutralize the acid’s harmful effects.

Do You Need To Ionize Your Water?how to make ionized water 290x300 How To Ionize Water

Before you go out and buy a water ionizer, you should first test your water to find out its pH balance. You can use a pH kit to test the pH level of your drinking water. The kit will typically include pH strips and a color guide indicating the various pH levels.

1. First, pour a glass of water from the tap, then dip the pH strip in the water.
2. Make sure you hold the strip steady for about 5 to 7 seconds, don’t stir or swirl the water.
3. Take the pH strip out of the water and hold it for another 5 – 10 seconds, it will change color.
4. Once the color has changed, compare that color to the color guide included with the kit.
5. Match the color and you will know the pH level of your water.

If you water has a pH that is between 8 and 10, then you’ve got yourself alkaline water. If your water has a pH of 7, then it is neutral and you should ionize it. If your water does not fall in the pH 8 -10 range, then you should definitely ionize it!

How To Ionize Water – Bio-Ceramic Filters

A bio-ceramic filter is composed of specific materials to create water with a magnetic charge. The filter is typically made of stone, clay, or other materials. The filter creates the magnetic charge from the particles of cobalt and magnetite in the clay.

How To Ionize Water – Magnetic Water Ionizer

The easiest way to ionize all the water in your home is to attach a magnetic water ionizer to the pipes before the water is sent throughout the house so that all the taps have ionized water. All the water will have the exact same pH, so keep in mind that if you set it to an alkaline setting, the water you bathe with will also be alkaline. You can read more about the different uses of ionized water here.

How To Ionize Water – Alkaline Drops & Tablets

You can buy alkaline drops and/or alkaline tablets to mix with your drinking water just before drinking it. This is ideal if you only want to ionize the water you drink, and not ionize water that you wash or shower with. Alkaline concentrate is available in both tablet and liquid form. You only need about 2 drops of the liquid or a single tablet for an 8 ounce glass of water.

How To Ionize Water – Batch Unit Ionizer

You can use a batch unit to ionize water a batch at a time. A typical batch unit ionizer can ionizer a gallon of water at one time, which is effective when you don’t want ionize all of the water in the house, but want to ionize more than one glass of water.

How To Ionize Water – Water Ionizer

The most popular method is to use a water ionizer that is connected to the tap, like at your kitchen sink. Electric water ionizers use a small voltage of electricity to create positively or negatively charged water. Most electric water ionizers can produce both alkaline and acidic water for various uses which you can read more about here. Water ionizers can be a bit pricey, but are still a very good choice if you are serious about being healthy, but don’t how to ionize water.